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Every business strives to differentiate their products and services from the competition; that is the business mantra we live and breathe every day. The question is how do you keep the competitive advantage? You must continuously improve your processes which impacts how you will do business with your customer. Value Engineering, Project and Quality Management are management tools that significantly improve quality, eliminate waste, and drive cost savings with your customer’s needs at the core of the process. You can use either tool exclusively or combine them to maximize operational excellence. While Project Management focuses on organizing and managing resources, Six Sigma focuses on reducing variation in the process. Whether you are looking to deploy one or both of these tools, you will be creating the differentiation through improved processes and overall organizational efficiency. VECG goal is to guide organizations in their creation of a continuous improvement culture where Value Engineering, Project and Quality Management are core to the strategy and everyday business processes. Our goal is to educate and coach you and your associates to seamlessly integrate a process improvement program that will become the competitive differentiation in your organizations products and services. Our years of experience delivering results show that we will not only help you exceed expectations, but will equip you with the right tools to ensure success now and in the future.

.To save up to 30 % from project, product or services costs without sacrificing the quality level. An expert on the value engineering methodology, tools, and techniques can analyze costs to the related functions. Unnecessary costs do exist due to many factors such as lack of information, lack of ideas, temporary circumstance, honest but wrong beliefs, habits and attitudes, changes in owner requirements, lack of communication and coordination, and out dated standards and specifications. These factors are roadblocks to good value. The best way to overcome these roadblocks is by using the VE team approach. Individual efforts can be costly and inefficient. Management has learned that by involving more of their organization in the decision making process and committing the organization to a goal, significant improvements can be realized. The quality revolution has demonstrated that waste and inefficiency are unacceptable anywhere in the organization. Therefore, managing value and change is necessary to meet this difficult challenge. Many characteristics of unacceptable qualities can be traced to the approach taken during the design and management process. Application of Value Engineering with the TQM approach will more closely achieve the desire concept as a totally integrated effort toward improving performance of every process at every level. Value Engineering seeks optimizing and improving decision making to realize the optimal expenditure of owner funds while meeting required function at the lowest cycle cost. VE is a methodology that is comprised of many useful techniques. These techniques create change on purpose rather than letting change occur accidentally. Value engineering can improve decision-making that leads to optimal expenditure of owner funds while meeting required function and quality level. VE is a methodology that is comprised of many useful techniques that create change on purpose rather than letting change happen accidentally.

VECG offers a wide range of business consultancy and development initiatives including: 1. Strategic Review and Gap Analysis 2. Business Improvement Roadmap 3. Change and Transition Planning 4. Business Process Reengineering 5. Process excellence Implementation and Transition 6. Evaluation and Monitoring 7. Risk management 8. Project management 9. Management coaching 10. Leadership development 11. Performance improvement 12. Lean six sigma projects 13. Process excellence 14. Equipment utilization maximization We help organizations build internal competencies through building improvement teams capable of using modern quality tools and effectively and efficiently analyze and interpret data. We optimize your output and maximize your profit. We Coach , we develop and we continuously support your quality. We provide Paradigm shift and build improvement culture. We Partner with our clients, we deliver spectacular results and sustainable quality. We are VECG…. We are your success partner … Your success is our triumph.


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