Refund Policy

This document explains the conditions under which trainees and international exams candidates can request a credit or refund for course and exams fees.

Please use the credit and refund form available at the reception for all credit and refund requests. All requests must be signed, dated and returned to the Customer Service team.

Requests that do not comply with the conditions below will be rejected.

1-Application of Refund Policy for In-Person Courses

This policy applies to all teaching centre students and examinations candidates whether individually registered or sponsored by an organization.

2-In-Person Courses Policy

1- Credits can only be issued if

  • The customer can provide evidence of a reasonable cause for cancellation before the beginning of a course.
  • Before the course starts if you take a credit there will be no deduction of an administration fee.
  • After course starts there is no credit except in exceptional cases

2- Credits are valid

  • For use in other courses within a six-month period. After this period the credit expires

3- If the credit note is not used no refund will be paid.

4- Credits are transferable with family members

5- If a credit note is used for a full course fee and the course fee has increased, the trainee will be expected to pay the difference

6- Refunds are given in the following circumstances:

  • If VECG cancels a class.
  • Individual refunds are possible only before having an opportunity to copy the material provided.
  • For Value Engineering, In case of ordering an exam, the fee of the AVS exam 240$ will be deducted.
  • The refunded amount will be reflected on your bank account within a month from the date of your submission.
  • For courses except the value engineering , After the start there is no refund except in exceptional cases. Any requests for refunds or credits will be treated case by case. In all cases, requests should be submitted in writing with supporting documentation from e.g. the doctor, the employer etc, on headed notepaper. The material fee of LE500 from the full course fee will be deducted and pro-rate refunds or credits* according to the percentage of the lessons remaining when the request for the refund/credit was made.

3-Online courses and webinars Policy

All the online courses or webinars are non refundable .

Only the in-person courses are refundable.

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